The Prince and the Sunflower Field

The Prince and the Sunflower Field

Once upon a time in India, long ago, in a far flung kingdom, there lived a wise prince in a big palace. He was known throughout the kingdom for his intelligence and wisdom. The prince one day decided to travel on his horse as he was bored of staying in his palace.

The prince took his horse and he rode far out into the country. After quite a while, he reached a sunflower field and as he was tired, he decided to rest for sometime under a tree. The prince tied the horse to the tree and slept nearby. He fell into a deep sleep and woke up very late. When he opened his eyes, everything was already dark and in the distance he saw something shining.

Upon looking closely, he saw that it was a beautiful lady walking among the sunflowers in the field. He was entranced by her beauty and at once, he decided to ask her hand in marriage. She said that she would agree only if he would agree to 3 conditions. The first condition was that he should live with her. The second condition was that she will be available to him only at night. The third condition was that he should not follow her during the day wherever she goes. The prince agreed and after this, both of them got married that night.

Every day from then, the lady would spend time with him in the night and in the morning, she would disappear before he awoke. This went on for many days. One day however, the curiosity in the prince awakened and he wanted to see where she went. That morning, he pretended to be asleep and after she left the house, he followed her silently. Then to his great surprise, he saw her just disappear as she was standing in the middle of the sunflower field.

The prince then went there and took a close look at the field. Upon looking closely, he found that all the sunflowers had dew drops on them, except one! The prince then bent and plucked the sunflower without any dew drops. At once, the sunflower transformed into the lady he had married. The lady then thanked him for releasing her from the curse and both of them lived happily ever after.

Moral - Strike the iron while it is hot.

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