The Snake and the Crow

The Snake and the Crow

Once upon a time, there were two crows living in a tree. They had a nest and many eggs too, but they were unhappy. It was because a snake was living nearby and whenever the crows went away to get food, it would climb up the tree and break the eggs, drinking its contents. The crows did not know what to do as this was a regular occurrence.

So, they finally decided to meet a wise fox. The fox listened to the events narrated by the crows. They then asked the fox whether it was best to leave the nest and go somewhere else. The fox said that instead of running away, they should confront the problem and tackle it once and for all. Saying so, he then told them of a plan to get rid of the snake.

Next day, the crow spotted a princess bathing in a river. She had kept her pearl necklace aside as she was bathing. The crow swooped down and carried away the necklace. The princess saw this and yelled at the guards to bring back her necklace. Two guards ran hurriedly behind the crow in order to catch it.

The crow which was being chased, dropped the pearl necklace into the snake’s burrow while the guards were watching.. The guards saw this clearly and they started breaking the snake’s burrow in order to retrieve the necklace. Seeing this, the snake came out to attack them. One of the guards then raised his sword and severed the snake’s head. The snake lay dead and they retrieved the pearl necklace. The guards then went back and handed it over to the princess.

The crows were watching this from the tree and were very happy to see the events unfold below. Soon, their eggs hatched and young baby crows were born. They all then visited the fox and thanked him for his wise suggestion.

Moral - Wickedness can only be defeated by conspiracy. One should always be alert and stay away from wicked people as much as possible.

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