The Thirsty Crow

The Thirsty Crow

Once upon a time, there was a thirsty crow who was flying. The sun was scorching and he was flying at noon in the middle of a desolate desert, looking for water. He was unable to even shout and he was beginning to fall due to exhaustion. But just as he lost all hope, he saw a pot of water on the ground.

The crow went and sat on the rim of the pot and putting his beak inside the pot, he tried to drink the water. But, the water in the pot was little and his beak was too short to reach it. He was now disheartened. But he did not lose hope and instead started to push the pot from below. He heaved and huffed and puffed but it was of no use. He could not push the pot as it was heavy. But though the crow was disheartened even further, he still looked for ways to get the water.

He then flew around the pot at a height and an idea struck him, but it was going to take a lot of effort. The crow flew to a place where there were many stones and he picked one up in his beak. He flew to the pot and perching himself on the top, he dropped the stone into the pot. The crow flew once again to where the stones lay and picking one up, he again went to the pot of water and dropped it in. The crow repeated this a countless number of times and slowly, the level of water began to rise in the pot. But the crow still could not reach the water and so he continued dropping more stones into the water.

After dropping about more than 100 stones in the water, the crow put his head into the pot and was able to drink the water. The crow quenched his thirst and flew away happily.

Moral - Necessity is the mother of invention.

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