Too Too Moo and the Giant

Too Too Moo and the Giant

Once upon a time in Indonesia, there was a giant on the island of Java. The giant was so tall and bulky that whenever he walked, a huge thunder-like boom resounded throughout the island. His fingers were so heavy that they weighed more than trees and the extent of his strength was unknown. All humans had fled this island except for a mother and her daughter who could not escape in time.

The daughter was named Too Too Moo and her mother loved her very much. In fact, she prepared a huge pot of porridge for the giant everyday so that he would not eat Too Too Moo. The mother was doing this for several months and the giant too did not harm them. One day, the mother said that she had to go to the market and so she told Too Too Moo to stay inside the house and lock the door shut. Too Too Moo agreed and she asked her mother to bring her a shiny blue hairpin which she had seen earlier and her mother agreed to do so. After bidding their goodbyes, her mother left for the market. The giant came soon after and started shouting for Too Too Moo to appear. He knocked on the door of the house with one finger and the entire house began to shake. Too Too Moo was scared and she told him that his porridge was ready outside. The giant then turned around and drank the porridge in one gulp. He then left the spot.

That evening her mother came home and Too Too Moo narrated to her about what had happened that day. Her mother heard everything carefully and was happy that Too Too Moo was unharmed. She then gave Too Too Moo the shiny blue hairpin which she had asked for and told her that she had no more money to buy food for themselves as she had to feed the giant to save themselves. Too Too Moo understood her mother and did not say anything. Too Too Moo and her mother hugged each other and slept close to each that night.

Too Too Moo and her mother went on for many days without eating, until one day, her mother decided to go to the market to earn some money for their food. As discussed, Too Too Moo locked the door and sat inside the house. Her mother then left for the market. After some time, a strong wind blew and the scent of the porridge wafted into the house. Too Too Moo, who was hungry, found the smell irresistible and she decided to take a small sip from the big pot to quench her thirst. She ran outside and took a small sip. One sip became two, two became three and before she knew it, she had finished a quarter of the porridge in the pot. Suddenly, she heard the giant’s monstrous footsteps and she went running back to her home.

The giant came and after taking the pot into his hands, he grew angry as he saw that it was not full like before. He threw the pot onto the ground in anger and ran towards the house. He hollered for Too Too Moo to come out and when she did not come, he thrust his right index finger forward and broke the door with no difficulty at all. He then put his hand inside and grabbed Too Too Moo. Pulling her out of the house, he swallowed Too Too Moo and walked away.

Too Too Moo slid down the giant’s throat and went and landed straight into his tummy. As Too Too Moo sat crying, she did not stop thinking for a way to escape. Suddenly she remembered the shiny blue hairpin that her mother had given her and she removed it from her hair. Using the hairpin, she started to poke the insides of the giant. The giant roared in pain and asked Too Too Moo to stop hurting him. Too Too Moo was glad to see her plan working and she started to poke harder. The giant hollered and could no longer walk properly. He swerved left and right and soon, his foot hit a tree and he fell down a mountain. The giant now lay unconscious as Too Too Moo continued to make a way out of the giant’s tummy. She poked and poked and soon she tore open the giant’s tummy and climbed outside. The giant bled to his death as Too Too Moo ran back to her home.

Too Too Moo then waited for her mother and narrated to her about what had taken place. She took her to the giant’s dead body and both of them rejoiced and went back home to have a grand feast. They lived happily ever after, eating whatever food they liked and with no giant to worry about.

Moral - Timely thinking will save you from any situation

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