Truth Never Dies

Truth Never Dies

Once upon a time, there lived a dhobi. He had a donkey along with him who helped him to carry the load here and there. The donkey was lean and thin because it did not have sufficient food to eat. But still, the dhobi would keep increasing the load daily for the donkey. This went on for many days.

One day, the donkey could not put up with it anymore and so he went and complained to his master about his difficulty in carrying the heavy loads. The master replied by saying that he is a slave to him and he has no right to speak against the wishes of the master. The donkey could not say anything in reply and went back.

The dhobi was walking in the forest when he came across a dead tiger and instantly an idea struck him. He cut the skin of the tiger and took it home. He then covered the donkey with the skin of the tiger and told him to graze in the village fields at night in order to strengthen himself. The donkey did the same.

The villagers saw this and though they were afraid, some of them started making a plan to kill the tiger (disguised donkey). This too, went on for many days. A donkey nearby started braying and on hearing this, the disguised donkey started to bray too. The villagers immediately noticed this and rushed to him. They beat him to death on the spot. The dhobi then came in search of his donkey as he was missing for a long time. He found his donkey to be dead and did not even bother to take it, for he feared that he too would meet the same fate.

Moral - One’s true colours never change, however kind they may speak or act.

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