Brahma’s Illusion

Brahma’s Illusion

Once upon a time in heaven, sage Narada walks up to Lord Brahma and starts talking about Lord Krishna. He says that he could talk endlessly about him and hearing this, Lord Brahma decides to put the powers of Lord Krishna to a test.

Meanwhile, Lord Krishna is playing along with his friends near a forest. Their cows are grazing nearby too and as they are playing, they have an eye on the cows. After some time, they get tired and they decide it is time to eat. So, they pick up their food and sit together and start to eat. After some time, one of them notices that the cows are missing. They think that the cows may have wandered into the forest and so Lord Krishna volunteers to go and search for them, as his friends continue to eat.

Lord Krishna enters the forest and searches for the cows. But to his surprise, the cows are nowhere to be found. He then walks back to his friends, but they are missing too! Only the boxes of food remain as Lord Krishna is left wondering as to what had happened. He then decides to meditate and find the reason. After some time of meditation, he comes to know that all of this is a trick played by Lord Brahma. Lord Krishna smiles to himself and says that he can play an even better game.

Lord Krishna splits himself and transforms the various clones of himself into his friends and the cows who went missing. The cows graze and the children play as usual. Even when they return home, no one is able to tell the difference between the actual person who went missing and the clone of Lord Krishna!

The next day, all the clones of Lord Krishna (Lord Krishna’s friends and cows) go to play and graze as usual as if nothing happened. Lord Brahma appears to see what Lord Krishna is upto. He sees a shocking sight where Lord Krishna is playing with his friends and the cows are grazing happily as if nothing had ever happened. Lord Krishna enjoys seeing the confusion on Lord Brahma’s face and taking pity, he reveals his true form from the clones.

Lord Brahma is taken aback and then he admits that the powers of Lord Krishna surpass the powers that he himself has. Lord Brahma then brings back everyone to their respective locations as they were the previous day. Once everyone returns, Lord Krishna gets back to playing with them as usual.

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