Death of Kuvalyapeedam

Death of Kuvalyapeedam

Once the minister drops off Lord Krishna and Balarama at the entrance of the kingdom, they begin to walk. All the people are dressed well and are happy with the festive spirit that has gripped the entire kingdom. Lord Krishna and Balarama watch the happy people around them as they walk towards the entrance of king Kamsa’s palace.

But as they approach closer, they see a mighty elephant stationed near the entrance in such a way that the path into the palace is fully obstructed. Lord Krishna asks the mahout to move his elephant away from the way so that they can enter. The mahout gives no reply, but instead commands the elephant to move forward and attack them!

Lord Krishna and Balarama are taken aback by this response and they run away. Kuvalyapeedam chases them around for sometime, before both the boys realise that the best place to hide would be under the huge elephant itself. So, they do the same and the mahout is unable to locate them anywhere. Lord Krishna then pulls the tail of Kuvalyapeedam. The elephant shrieks in pain and jumps, throwing the mahout high into the air. The mahout falls down to the ground from a great height and dies.

Kuvalyapeedam turns around angrily and finds both of them under its body. Another chase ensues before Lord Krishna and Balarama finally go around the elephant and grab a tusk each of the mighty elephant. They use their strength and break the tusks. In doing so, they fall to the ground. The angry Kuvalyapeedam charges towards them in pain with full force. Lord Krishna and Balarama just hold out the broken tusks in the direction of the charging elephant. Kuvalyapeedam gets impaled on its own tusks and dies. Lord Krishna and Balarama then proceed to Kamsa’s palace.

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