Krishna and Bakasur

Krishna and Bakasur

Evil Kamsa was once again upto no good. He called upon the demon Bakasura to kill Lord Krishna. Bakasura was the brother of Putana and another demon named Aghasura. Bakasura accepted and transformed into a huge bird. He then flew away to find Lord Krishna.

Lord Krishna was playing with his brother Balarama and his friends near a river. They were drinking water when they saw a huge bird coming from a distance. All the others were frightened but Lord Krishna knew instantly that the bird was a demon sent by Kamsa to kill him. The huge bird flew swiftly towards Lord Krishna and swooping down, it swallowed him in 1 gulp.

Lord Krishna was now inside the throat of the bird. 

As a result of his divine power, he started heating up and soon Bakasura felt his throat would tear in the heat. So, he coughed up Lord Krishna to his beak. Seizing the opportunity, Lord Krishna immediately stood up in the beak of Bakasura and opened it so wide that he split it into two as if cutting the blade of grass. Bakasura died eventually and Lord Krishna returned home with his friends. 

Thus concludes the story of one of the many miserable and unsuccessful attempts made by the evil king Kamsa to kill Lord Krishna.

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