Krishna and His Cosmic Form

Krishna and His Cosmic Form

Once upon a time when Lord Krishna was a baby and living in Gokul, life was normal and people went about their daily chores. Among them was Krishna’s mother, who was Yashoda. She had her hands full with the antics of Krishna and so she had to keep a constant eye on him. She would also tie the pots of butter to the ceiling so that he could not steal and eat them.

One day however, she could not keep a close eye on him and so she gave him some toys to play with and carried on with her work. Krishna played with the toys, but was soon bored and he started to look around the house. He saw the beautiful weather through the open window and also felt the cool breeze blowing through. He then turned his attention to another side and saw that the door was open. Beyond the threshold, he could see cows grazing on the green pastures and heard the birds sing. Being a child, he was naturally attracted by this and he slowly started to crawl towards the open door.

Krishna went beyond the threshold and crawled on the mud. He settled in a spot with a shade and started to play with the mud. He continued to play, listening to the singing of the birds and the rustling of the leaves. Lot of time went by and soon Yashoda came to the spot in the house where she had left Krishna. But she saw that he was not there and she grew concerned. She searched around the house, calling out his name loudly. Then she went out and found him playing in the mud. As she went closer, she saw that his face had mud too. Fearing that he had eaten mud, she became worried and asked him to open his mouth. When Krishna opened his mouth, a sight quite unlike any other awaited Yashoda!

As Yashoda peered inside Krishna’s mouth, she could see the vastness of space. Upon closer observation, she could see the galaxy, the stars in it and many such heavenly bodies. She was mesmerised and she just kept staring, and she soon came upon the earth and the solar system and the various planets revolving around the sun. Finally, she was able to snap out of this mesmerising trance and she at once knew that Krishna was no ordinary child. Krishna closed his mouth and started to laugh like how a small child would after seeing something funny. Yashoda then carried Krishna into the home.

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