Krishna in Mathura

Krishna in Mathura

The news of Bakasura’s death along with the other demons was spreading far and wide in Kamsa’s kingdom. People all across the kingdom were speaking about it. Kamsa was sitting on his throne and wondering how all the demons he sent were killed by little boys like Lord Krishna and Balarama. As he was thinking and discussing with his ministers on the next plan of action, sage Narayana made his entry.

Sage Narayana walked into the court of king Kamsa and told him that he could invite Lord Krishna and Balarama over by organising a yagna and killing them there. King Kamsa thought about it and decided that it was the best course of action. Sage Narayana then exited the court of Kamsa, smiling gleefully.

King Kamsa then called upon his mahout and told him to keep the giant elephant Kuvalyapeedam ready at the gates of his kingdom so that the elephant would trample and kill both of them when they arrived. Then, he called upon two of his best wrestlers - Chanura and Mushtika. He told them to be ready to kill Lord Krishna and Balarama in a wrestling match if they escaped death from Kuvalyapeedam.

After all this was planned, Kamsa then ordered one of his ministers to invite Lord Krishna and Balarama. He told Kamsa that he was following the path of Adharma to save his own life, but nonetheless, he will carry out his instructions. And so he went to invite them.

The minister went to Lord Krishna’s house and found him playing with Balarama. He was happy at once when he saw them and greeted them with folded hands. They too greeted him happily. He then told them of Kamsa’s plans to kill him. Lord Krishna too agreed that it was time things were brought to an end and so they all went with him to Kamsa’s kingdom.

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