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Chellame Chellam Vol 2

Chellame Chellam Vol 2

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Kid's rhymes are not easy to frame, especially when it means having to hold onto their attention through the entire stretch of the song. All the songs listed in our Chellame Chellam collection have been taken off the works of the famous Children's poet - Azha Valliappa. Hailing from the village Rayavaram in the Pudukkottai District, Azha Valliappa began his poetic writing from the ripe age of 13. And ever since, he has written over 50 books and about a 1000 songs for children and more in Tamil as well as other Dravidian languages. You might notice how his songs have a catchy rhythm and make you want to sing over and over and at the same time, understand the intended topic.

  1. Udal Uruppugal
  2. Pattam
  3. Naai Kutty
  4. Vimanam
  5. Vidukathai
  6. Nalla Papa
  7. Panthu
  8. Vanavil
  9. Pongal
  10. Kanini
  11. Gramama Nagarama
  12. Koondu Kili
  13. Maram Valarpoom
  14. Pambaram
  15. Deepavali
  16. Salai Vithigal
  17. Kizhamaigal
  18. Gadigaram
  19. Eliyum Poonaiyum
  20. Yaanai Yaanai

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