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Charlie and Friends-Telugu

Charlie and Friends-Telugu

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Charlie and Friends is the story of Charlie and his friends Tuba, Billy, Lilly and more. Charlie is a clumsy dog and does everything in an unorganised way. But finally he corrects everything with the help of his friends and sets everything at their proper places. These are very interesting stories for kids which enlightens us to plan and execute a work to avoid mistakes. Magicbox Animation brings you a series of videos showing Charlie's clumsiness and the way he puts them out. Watch these fun filled videos and enjoy!

  1. Camouflage
  2. Intelligence For Help
  3. A Creative Umbrella
  4. Summer Sports Day
  5. How To Cool Down
  6. Way Back Home
  7. An Unbaked Cake
  8. The Lost Shoe
  9. The Shiny Treasure
  10. Flowerpots On Small Wheels
  11. The Mud Chisels
  12. The Daybreak Song
  13. A Wrecking Wind
  14. The Vibgyor Bow
  15. Where Are You, Pete?
  16. A Multipurpose Rope
  17. Fishing Net For Apple Pies
  18. A Tiny Shiny Pocket Watch
  19. The Newborn Chick
  20. The Broken Bike
  21. A Big New Castle
  22. Saving The Bubble Army
  23. The Big Strange Box
  24. The Gentle Pleasing Pup
  25. The Newly Formed Band
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