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Ramayana is the tale of a King and his fight against evil. A myth that is believed to have happened, bizzare proofs left behind lead us to a dilemma indeed, but Ramayana as a story too is inspiring to one and all. Filled with numerous morals and values to learn from, the epic battle teaches us several perspectives and is a great example to live by and not live by too.

Born with Divine powers, Hanuman - the Vayuputra is the son of the Wind God. This short video by MagicBox tells the story of Hanuman’s birth, his strength even as a child, scattering all celestial Gods helter-skelter. Watch the video to learn about the Monkey God’s antics and his powers.

  1. Birth Of Hanuman
  2. Hanuman And The Sun
  3. Rama Meets Hanuman
  4. Hanuman In Lanka - Part 1
  5. Hanuman In Lanka - Part 2
  6. Hanuman Meets Ravana
  7. Hanuman Saves Lakshmana
  8. End Of Ravana
  9. Arjun And Hanuman
  10. Bheema And Hanuman
  11. Main Title
  12. End Credits
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