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I Wonder Why ?

I Wonder Why ?

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Enrich your kids knowledge by teaching them the scientific facts that we daily come across. We all know about various scientific facts but do we know the reason behind the cause? I Wonder Why is a knowledge packed video from Magicbox Animation to enhance your kids' knowledge and build their awareness.

  1. Why Birds Don’T Get Electrocuted?
  2. Why Flowers Are Differently Coloured?
  3. Why Chocolates Are Wrapped In Foil?
  4. Why People Snore?
  5. Why There Are Seven Days In A Week?
  6. Why Clouds Turn Black When It Rains?
  7. Why Moon And Planets Don’t Twinkle?
  8. Why The Egg Is Oval In Shape?
  9. Why Boiling Water Does Not Overflow?
  10. Why Cut Apple Turns Brown?
  11. How Hurricanes Get Their Names?
  12. Why I Sneeze?
  13. Why The Snow Is White In Color?
  14. Why The Sky Is Blue In Color?
  15. Why I Have A Shadow?
  16. Why Volcanoes Erupt?
  17. Why We Get Rainbows?
  18. Why Onions Make Me Cry?
  19. Why We Can’t Feel The Earth Spin?
  20. Why The Tide Comes In And Goes Out Again?
  21. Why The Moon Changes Shape?
  22. Why The Rain Comes In Drops And Not A Stream?
  23. Why We Have Seasons Through The Year?
  24. Why Fingers And Toes Wrinkle In Water?
  25. Why The Sun And Moon Shine?
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