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Kingini Chellam

Kingini Chellam

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A versatile method to teaching your kids Malayalam Rhymes, MagicBox presents you a new set of videos to giving your children the right tool to learning malayalam Rhymes. Teaching them both written and verbal form of the language, Kingini Chellam by MagicBox is a boon to both parents and kids. So sit back, relax and let your kids learn Malayalam from Kingini Chellam.

  1. Aamachaar
  2. Aana Chettan
  3. Annarakannan
  4. Koodu
  5. Kunjiamma
  6. Mazha
  7. Minnaminni
  8. Moongachettan
  9. Naaikutty
  10. Onasadhya
  11. Onam
  12. Enni Chollu
  13. Poombaatta
  14. Poochakutty
  15. Thee Vandi
  16. Kurukkan
  17. Vimanam
  18. Appam
  19. Pasuvamma
  20. Postmaan
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