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Kondrai Vendan Kadhaigal-Tamil

Kondrai Vendan Kadhaigal-Tamil

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The Avvaiyar who lived during the Sangam period is considered to be contemporary to poets Paranar, Kabilar and Thiruvalluvar.Legend states that she was a court poet of the rulers of the Tamil country. She travelled from one part of the country to another and from one village to another, sharing the gruel of the poor farmers and composing songs for their enjoyment. Most of her songs were about a small-time chieftain Vallal Athiyamaan Nedumaan Anji and his family.
Kondrai Vendhan is a book written by the great Tamil poetess Avvaiyar. In this series of poems, she emphasises the importance of education for mankind. She states that education has the ability to make anyone complete. MagicBox presents you a series of stories based on this book. Watch these Kondrai Vendhan stories and let your kids learn the moral values in a simple way.

  1. Annaiyum Pithavum Munnari Deivam
  2. Alayam Thozhuvadhu Salavum Nandru
  3. Illaram Alladhu Nalaram Andru
  4. Eyyar Thettai Theeyaar Kolvar
  5. Undi Surunguthal Pendirukku Azhagu
  6. Urudan Pagaikkin Verudan Kedum
  7. Ennum Ezhuthum Kan Yenathagum
  8. Yeva Makkal Moovaa Marunthu
  9. Iyyam Puginum Seivana Sei
  10. Oruvanai Patri Oragaththu Iru
  11. Oviyam Pesudhal Aakkathirukku Azhivu
  12. Kittathayin Vettana Mara
  13. Kizhor Aayinum Thazha Urai
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