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Tenali Raman-English

Tenali Raman-English

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King Krishnadevaraya was a very stubborn and inquisitive King. Tenali Raman also known by the name Vikatakavi was a poet in the court of Krishnadevaraya. Tenali Raman was always very quick at his feet and managed to solve all the tricky questions and situations presented by the King. MagicBox brings you the very series of questions and answers that transpired between the duo in an animated sequence of stories to challenge your wit and tease your brain. Relax, enjoy and treat your mind with some problem-facing tactics.

  1. Heaven On Earth
  2. River Water
  3. The Precious Box
  4. Magic Chant
  5. Strange Drama
  6. The Proof Of Innocence
  7. True Artist
  8. Beautiful Flower
  9. Lost History
  10. The Divine Forecast
  11. The Root Of Rasagulla
  12. The Ancestral Wealth
  13. The Bowl Of Water
  14. The Black Cloak
  15. The Tiny Black Box
  16. The Roses
  17. The Special Light
  18. The Most Valuable Thing
  19. The Power Of Magic
  20. The Real Decoration
  21. The Secret
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