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Fruits and Vegetables Rhymes-English

Fruits and Vegetables Rhymes-English

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Eating fruits and vegetables on a regular basis can boost health. There are a stream of fruits and vegetables that we would have come across and few which we had never seen at all. Let's learn about the different types of fruits and vegetables and their uses. Magicbox Animation brings you a set of informational and entertaining songs to drench your kids in a knowledge packed garden of fruits and vegetables.

  1. The Apple
  2. The Banana
  3. The Grapes
  4. The Guava
  5. The Mango
  6. The Orange
  7. The Pear
  8. The Pineapple
  9. The Pomegranate
  10. The Watermelon
  11. The Beans
  12. The Beetroot
  13. The Brinjal
  14. The Brocolli
  15. The Carrot
  16. The Cucumber
  17. The Pumpkin
  18. The Radish
  19. The Spinach
  20. The Tomato
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