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Rebus Stories-English

Rebus Stories-English

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Come and enhance your knowledge with a new way of teaching stories to your young ones, using a set of Rebus Stories.
A Rebus story is a story or puzzle that uses pictures or symbols in place of words to help early readers comprehend stories, build sentences, and read-along using pictures. They are a popular type of puzzle for both children and adults and can be fun and educational at the same time. Some rebus are brainteasers for young readers, where the pictures are either substituted for certain words, or simply added along with the words. Magicbox Animation brings you a set of videos for a new start up for your kids.

  1. Introduction
  2. The Rabbit And His Kite
  3. The Rabbit And An Ant
  4. A Friendly Frog
  5. A Kind Mouse
  6. A Cow And A Donkey
  7. Helpful Crow
  8. A Bear And A Cat
  9. Friend In Need
  10. Blue Balloon
  11. Monkey And A Small Bird
  12. Foolish Rabbit
  13. Monkey And Elephant
  14. Flying Kitten
  15. Unwise Fox
  16. Brave Ant
  17. Naughty Monkey
  18. Wise Goat
  19. Rabbit And The Fox
  20. Big Carrot
  21. Safe Shell
  22. Clever Rat
  23. The Fox And The Cock
  24. The Heron
  25. Hunting With Lion
  26. The Peacock And The Crane
  27. True Friends
  28. The Discontented Dog
  29. Clever Cricket
  30. Wise Camel
  31. A Cock And A Lion
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