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World Folk Tales-Telugu

World Folk Tales-Telugu

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World Folk Tales are stories passed down verbally through generations, mainly by telling through different parts of the world. Different kinds of folktales include fairy tales, tall tales, trickster tales, myths, and legends. Every story teller adds something new to the story to make it more interesting and teaches their generations about the customs and culture of the specified regions. Magicbox Animation brings you a set of videos giving indigenous stories from various continents of the world in an entertaining way.

  1. A Rumour Takes Wing
  2. The Flying Tortoise
  3. The Ape & The Tiny Firefly
  4. Takeshi And The Six Statues Of God
  5. The Magic Stool
  6. The Hare And The Tortoise
  7. The Magic Hat
  8. The Emperor & The Nightingale
  9. Mr.Fortune & Mr.Misfortune
  10. Paco & His Chicken Manchow Soup
  11. The Discontented Pine Tree
  12. The Lion & The Little Mouse
  13. The King Has Donkey’S Ears
  14. The Big Raven & The Golden Cave
  15. The House Of Wind
  16. The Prince And The Sunflower Field
  17. How The Tiger Got Its Stripes!
  18. The Stone Cutter And His Wishes
  19. The Magic Pot
  20. The Magic Pumpkin Seeds
  21. How The Koala Got Its Stumpy Tail!
  22. The Growing Gold
  23. How The Zebra Got Its Stripes
  24. The Two Frogs
  25. Why Do Bats Fly At Night?
  26. Chang And His Magic Paintbrush!
  27. Too Too Moo And The Giant
  28. God Provides!
  29. The King And The Peasant
  30. The Fortune Teller
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